Surfaces, Meshes, Geometric Structures — Presentations

International Workshop in Admont: July 6-9, 2009
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July 5: Sunday: Arrival
Check In Check in is possible until 23:00
July 6: Monday morning session
10:00 Opening
10:15 Eitan Grinspun Surfaces, Mechanics, and Geometric Structure
11:15 Max Wardetzky Optimal Function Simplification
11:45 Nikolai Mnev Combinatorial fiber bundles
July 6: Monday afternoon session
14:30 Matthias Nieser Stripe Parametrization
15:00 Christian Müller Notions of discrete conformality
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Oleg Karpenkov Flexibility of meshes and semidiscrete surfaces
17:00 Simon Floery Constrained Surface Approximation: Applications in Milling
17:30 Etienne Vouga Asynchronous Contact Mechanics
July 7: Tuesday morning session
09:00 Leo Guibas Heat kernel signatures
10:00 Michael Wand Computing geometric correspondences
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Mark Pauly Structure-aware Geometry Representation
12:00 Qixing Huang Shape decomposition using modal analysis
July 7: Tuesday afternoon session
16:00 Coffee break (individual research groups)
July 8: Wednesday morning session
09:00 Alexey Sossinsky Moduli spaces of planar linkages
10:00 Jan Schepers Geometry of configuration spaces of tensegrities
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 B. and H. Servatius k-plane matroids and flattening conjectures
12:00 Mikhail Skopenkov Dissections and orientation
July 8: Wednesday afternoon session
14:30 Tim Hoffmann (Anything but) discrete flat fronts
15:30 Konstantin Poelke Lifted Domain Coloring
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Craig Gotsman The "As-Rigid-As-Possible" Graph Embedding Algorithm: Theory and Applications
17:30 Martin Kilian Approximating single curved strips with cylinders
July 9: Excursion
09:00 Morning excursion Bus to Admont, Library tour
12:30 Lunch Stiftskeller Admont
14:00 Afternoon excursion Bus to Gstatterboden, walk to Gasthof Bachbrücke
16:00 Excursion ends Departure, either by bus to Bruck/Mur and Graz, or to other individual destinations

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