Geometry Workshop in Obergurgl 2011

International Workshop in Obergurgl: June 19-23, 2011

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Tentative Schedule

Sunday June 19: Arrival and dinner around 19:00

Mon June 20 Tue June 21 Wed June 22
09:00 M. Rumpf : Variational discretization of higher order geometric functionals and gradient flows P. Schröder : The Dirac operator and its applications T. Pock : Convex variational approaches in Computer Vision
09:30 C. Wojtan : Fast and detailed surface tension simulation
10:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30 U. Reitebuch : CubeCover - Parametrization of bounded volumes K. Crane : Conformal geometry processing U. Hertrich-Jeromin : Cmc without mc
11:00 Y. Yang + Y. Yang : Shape space exploration of constrained meshes N. Mitra : Discovering global relations for reconstruction and exploration of 3D geometry J. Solomon : Killing vector fields: Infinitesimal isometries from a linear solve
11:30 T. Cashman : Removing redundancy in dynamic geometry using chained reconstruction maps M. Botsch : Example-driven surface deformations M. Eigensatz : Enabling free form in architecture
12:00 S. Bouaziz : Shaping meshes with projections E. Vouga : Some applications of discrete parallel transport P. Grohs : Finite Elements of arbitrary order and quasiinterpolation for Riemannian data
12:45 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30 Y. Lipman : A few applications of conformal mappings for surface comparison A. Bobenko : Discrete uniformization of Riemann surfaces
15:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:00 T. Sauer : Shearlets Excursion U. Pinkall : Navigating shape space
16:30 W. Schief : Towards a canonical discretisation of classical shell (membrane) theory K. Hormann : Geometric subdivision curves
17:00 M. Wand : Inverse procedural modeling C. Müller : On discrete cmc surfaces
18:00 Dinner Dinner
19:00 Dinner

Thursday June 23: Breakfast and departure.