Geometry Workshop in Seggau 2015

International Workshop in Seggau: July 10-12, 2015

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Thursday July 9: Excursion, either Zotter's Chocolate Factory or the Bärenschützklamm walk, starting from Graz. Dinner buffet 18:00—19:30 in Seggau.

Fri July 10 Sat July 11 Sun July 12
9:00-10:45 First Session 9:00-10:45 First Session 9:00-10:45 First Session
Justin Solomon:
Convolutional Wasserstein Distances for Geometry Processing
Keenan Crane:
Developable Surface Flow
Michael Kerber:
The Offset Filtration of Convex Objects
Daniele Panozzo:
Geometry processing in the era of parallel computing
Chris Wojtan:
A Stream Function Solver for Liquid Simulations
Ulrich Bauer:
Induced matchings and the algebraic stability of persistence barcodes
Alexander Bobenko:
Conform! (movie and the theory behind it)
Sofien Bouaziz:
Proximal Splitting Methods in Computer Graphics
Hubert Wagner:
Topological Data Analysis with Bregman Divergences
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break 10:45-11:15 Coffee Break 10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-13:00 Second Session 11:15-13:00 Second Session 11:15-13:00 Second Session
Thilo Rörig:
Supercyclidic nets
Benno König:
Conical Minimal Surfaces
Alec Jacobson:
Nested Cages: for multi-resolution PDE solvers, collision detection, simulation, and cage-based deformation
Mirela Ben-Chen:
Functional Thin Films on Surfaces
Chengcheng Tang:
Construction and optimization of polyhedral patterns
Ligang Liu:
Geometric Modeling via Sparse Representation
Etienne Vouga:
Designing Curvature using Origami Tessellations.
Alex Schiftner:
EvoluteTools T.MAP - Mesh parametrization for Rhinoceros 3D
Volker Branding:
An Introduction to Magnetic Geodesics
13-15 Lunch Break 13 Lunch 13-15 Lunch Break
15-16 Keynote 15-16:10 Third Session 15-16 Keynote
Bernd Bickel:
Computational Challenges in Designing Virtual Models for Fabrication
Yaron Lipman:
A Generalization of Tutte's Embedding
Max Wardetzky:
Towards a curvature theory for general quad meshes
Olga Diamanti:
Integrable fields using complex polynomials
16-16:30 Coffee Break 16:10-16:30 Coffee Break 16-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-17:40 Third Session
Amir Vaxman:
Conformal Mesh Deformations with Möbius Transformations
16:30 Castle Tour
Felix Knöppel:
Stripe Patterns on Surfaces
18:00 Wine Tasting
18:00 Dinner 19:00 Dinner 18:00 Dinner

Monday July 13: Breakfast and departure.