Geometry Workshop in Strobl 2013

International Workshop in Strobl: August 28-Sept 01 2013

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Tuesday August 27: Arrival, dinner around 7pm
Friday August 30: 8:30 Excursion (including lunch approx. 1pm). Dinner around 7pm
Sunday September 01: Breakfast and departure.

Schedule of Talks

Wed Aug 28 Thu Aug 29 Sat Aug 31
9:00 Tim Hoffmann
On discrete surfaces with constant mean curvature of conical type
9:00 Gitta Kutyniok
Compressed Sensing meets Geometry
9:30 Udo Hertrich-Jeromin
CMC and duality
9:30 Tomas Sauer
Approximative ideals and shape spaces for kinematics
10:00 Wolfgang Schief
(Minimal) surface theory in discrete projective differential geometry
10:00 Jonathan Pokrass
Structured sparse coding for recovery of intrinsic correspondences
10:30  Coffee Break 10:30  Coffee Break
11:00 Yuliy Schwartzburg
Interactive design exploration for constrained meshes
11:00 Yaron Lipman
Sufficient Conditions For Bijective Mappings of Meshes
11:30 Chengcheng Tang
Polyhedral meshes and optimization methods
11:30 Niloy Mitra
Analysis of and Synthesis from 3D Model Collections
12:00 Fernando de Goes
Geometry processing with orthogonal primal-dual meshes
12:00 Nikolai Dimitrov
Existence and uniqueness criteria for generalized hyper-ideal circle patterns
1:00  Lunch 1:00  Lunch 1:00  Lunch
2:45  Coffee 2:45  Coffee 2:45  Coffee
3:00 Michael Bronstein
Multimodal spectral geometry, joint diagonalization, and closest commuting matrices
3:00 Herbert Edelsbrunner
Intrinsic volume relations and stabilized measures
3:00 Keenan Crane
Globally optimal direction fields
4:00 Etienne Vouga
Geometry of Stable Masonry Structures
4:00 Bruno Benedetti
Random discrete Morse theory
3:30 Ulrich Pinkall
Decomposing Smoke into Smoke Rings
4:30  Coffee Break 4:30  Coffee Break 4:30  Coffee Break
5:00 Justin Solomon
Computing and Analyzing Soft Maps
5:00 Max Wardetzky
Persistence from a statistical perspective
5:00 Mirela Ben-Chen
Operator representations for discrete differential geometry
5:30 Amir Vaxman
A Projective Framework for Polyhedral Mesh Modeling
5:30 Ulrich Bauer
Homological reconstruction and simplification
5:30 Daniele Panozzo
Consistent Volumetric Discretizations Inside Self-Intersecting Surfaces
6:00 Leo Guibas
Shape Differences
6:00 Isabella Thiesen
Symmetries of discrete Riemann surfaces
6:00 Chris Wojtan
Putting holes in holey geometry
7:00  Dinner 7:00  Dinner 7:00  Dinner