Multidimensional Continued Fractions

Travel information

There are two usual ways to travel to Graz:
1). To fly directly to Graz airport and then to go by bus to the city of Graz
2). To fly to Vienna international airport. Then to transfer by bus to the train station "Wien Meidling" in order to take a train to Graz.

General link: You can check the timetable and buy tickets on a train here.

From Vienna Airport to Wien Meidling train station.

By bus: Buses from Vienna International Airport to Wien Meidling train station operate between 5:10 and 23:10, every 30 minutes, and a single ticket for one way costs 8 Euro (timetable is here). You should take the bus 1187 in direction of Westbanhof and leave it on the first stop Wien Meidling (in about 15 minutes). The tickets are sold by the driver.

By taxi: Taxis from Vienna airport to Wien Meidling train station cost around 35 Euro (and there might be an extra charge for luggage). Duration of trip: 20 Min (longer during rush hours).

From Vienna (Wien Meideling train station) to Graz

By train: Duration of trip about 2h40min. The price for the ticket Vienna-Graz (one way) is 37 Euro. Departures: You have a connection from Wien Meidling to Graz hourly from 6:03 till 21:03 (i.e, at 6:03, 7:03, 8:03, ..., 20:03, 21:03).

Note: As the train climbs Semmering mountain, you will have a beautiful view on the left side (going from Vienna to Graz).

From Graz Thalerhof Airport to Graz

Cost: (by public transportation - train or bus): 2 Euro.
This is just one zone in Graz's public transportation system. The one-hour ticket that you buy for the train or bus at the airport is valid for the whole ride from the airport to any destination in Graz, using any combination of trams, buses, etc.

By bus: Bus line 630 stops right in front of the main exit of the airport and goes to Jakominiplatz. Duration of trip: about 20 Min.

By train: The train station is about 300m outside the airport, and is visible from the airport's main exit. Duration of trip: 9 Min. There are trains to Graz Hauptbahnhof every hour.

By taxi: A taxi from Graz Thalerhof airport to the center of Graz (or near the Technical University, where the conference will take place) should cost about Euro 20, no extra charge for luggage.

From Graz to Vienna (Wien Meidling train station)

By train: Duration of trip about 2h40min. The price for the ticket Vienna-Graz (one way) is 37 Euro. Departures: You have a connection from Graz to Wien Meidling every hour from 6:25 till 20:25 (6:25 (not on Sundays), 7:25, 8:25,..., 20:25). An extra train is at 5:37 every day.

In Graz
The conference will be held in Institute of Geometry of Graz University of Technology. You can reach Institute of Geometry (Kopernikusgasse, 24) from the train station Graz Hbf via tram N6 (in direction of St.Peter). Leave the train on the station "Neue Technik".

Walking time from Graz Hbf to the Institute of Geometry is around 40 minutes, have a look here.
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