Geometry Workshop in Obergurgl 2011

International Workshop in Obergurgl: June 19-23, 2011

This workshop takes place at Universitätszentrum Obergurgl in the Ötztal alps.

Aims and Scope

This meeting is similar to previous Strobl 2007 and Admont 2009 workshops. Topics of this meeting include, but are not limited to: polyhedral surfaces and discrete differential geometry in general, computational geometry of mesh- and point-based data; geometric methods in approximation theory and image processing; geometry processing; applications e.g. in freeform architecture.

Conference Chairs: Helmut Pottmann (KAUST, TU Wien), Johannes Wallner (TU Graz, TU Wien).
Invited Speakers
Alexander Bobenko (TU Berlin)
Yaron Lipman (Princeton University)
Martin Rumpf (Univ. Bonn)
  • Alexander Bobenko (TU Berlin)
  • Michael Barton (KAUST)
  • Mario Botsch (Univ. Bielefeld)
  • Sofien Bouaziz (EPFL)
  • Thomas Cashman (Univ. Lugano)
  • Keenan Crane (Caltech)
  • Bailin Deng (TU Wien)
  • Mario Deuss (EPFL, Lausanne)
  • Stefan von Deylen (FU Berlin)
  • Oliver Ebner (TU Graz)
  • Michael Eigensatz (Evolute)
  • Simon Flöry (TU Wien & Evolute)
  • Peter Fazekas (TU Graz)
  • Martina Franken (Univ. Bonn)
  • Philipp Grohs (ETH Zürich)
  • Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (Univ. Bath)
  • Mathias Höbinger (TU Wien & Evolute)
  • Kai Hormann (Univ. Lugano)
  • Oleg Karpenkov (TU Graz)
  • Florian Lehner (TU Graz)
  • Yaron Lipman (Princeton University)
  • Niloy Mitra (KAUST)
  • Christian Müller (TU Wien)
  • Yukie Nagai (TU Wien)
  • Ulrich Pinkall (TU Berlin)
  • Thomas Pock (TU Graz)
  • Helmut Pottmann (KAUST & TU Wien)
  • Thilo Rörig (TU Berlin)
  • Ulrich Reitebuch (FU Berlin)
  • Martin Rumpf (Univ. Bonn)
  • Tomas Sauer (Univ. Gießen)
  • Wolfgang Schief (Univ. New South Wales)
  • Peter Schröder (Caltech)
  • Mikhail Skopenkov (KAUST)
  • Justin Solomon (Stanford University)
  • Isabella Thiesen (FU Berlin)
  • Etienne Vouga (Columbia University)
  • Johannes Wallner (TU Graz & TU Wien)
  • Michael Wand (MPI Saarbrücken)
  • Andreas Weinmann (TU München)
  • Chris Wojtan (IST Austria)
  • Yi Jun Yang (KAUST)
  • Yong-Liang Yang (KAUST)
workshop begins with dinner on Sunday, June 19, and ends with breakfast on Thursday, June 23, 2011. The Scientific Program is Monday to Wednesday. See Detailed Schedule.

On Tuesday afternoon we are planning to walk for one hour through the Obergurgl ``stone pine'' forest (Zirbenwald) to Schöwieshütte at 2250m. This is a well maintained mountain path without dangers, which means that ordinary sturdy shoes should be enough. The alpine roses are in blossom now. The more energetic can continue and walk up to Hohe Mut at 2650m which has a very nice view and which is a steep 90 minute uphill walk. It is not recommended for the inexperienced, and mountain footwear is definitely recommended.

[Link to Excursion Fotos]
Organization details

Accommodation in Obergurgl is booked by the organizers. Guests stay at the conference venue. We have made a preliminary reservation for 40 rooms. Most rooms are double rooms, meaning that accompanying persons are welcome. The costs are approximately EUR 70,- per day for full fare.

Funding, Conference Fee The workshop is supported by the National Research Network Industrial Geometry which means that we can cover your local expenses. We will possibly collect EUR 50,- conference fee to cover expenses which cannot be paid by grant money.


We recommend to fly to Innsbruck on Sunday, June 19th, and fly back on the 23th. There are connections to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London (Gatwick), Nice, Vienna. You could also fly to Munich, which has a good train connection directly from the airport.

Fastest travel from Innsbruck Airport to Obergurgl is via an airport shuttle, which costs EUR 160 and which makes sense if you share. We suggest you don't book on your own but let us coordinate shuttles. Cheapest travel to Obergurgl from Innsbruck is by train, via the railway station ``Ötztal Bahnhof'' (approx. 30 minutes from Innsbruck or 2.5 hours from Munich), and bus to Obergurgl (1.5 h). Latest connection from Innsbruck departs at 17:36 at Innsbruck airport (18:05 from Innsbruck main station). First connection to Innsbruck arrives 9:27 at the airport (09:02 Innbruck main station). You can take bus F or a cab for the 5km distance airport—train station. Please see here for train/bus details.

Touristic Information
Wiese Ötztal

Ötztal draws many tourists, and Obergurgl is part of this. See e.g. the web page of Ötztal tourist information (summer). Good places for walking and mountaineering are Obergurgl itself and nearby Vent. The end of June is the start of the high country season. The famous Iceman, a 5000 year old mummy, was discovered in this area at high altitude in a pocket of dead-ice. He currently resides in Bozen (South Tyrol), reachable in June via the Timmelsjoch road.