Geometry Workshop in Strobl 2019

International Workshop in Strobl: September 2-5, 2019

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Sunday September 1: Arrival (reception opens 15:30), Dinner 18-19

Mon September 2 Tue September 3 Thu September 5
9:00 N. Affolter: Subdivision in the geometries of circles, spheres and lines 9:00 O. Stein: Boundary conditions of the biharmonic equation on curved surfaces 9:00 C. Müller: Geometric Structures Motivated by Architecture
9:30 A. Chern: Bubble rings and ink chandeliers with Kaluza—Klein geometry 9:30 B. Deng: Towards Scalable Geometry Processing (Without Solving Linear Systems) 9:30 N. Segol: Covering Spaces for Learning Genus Zero Data
10:00 D. Pellis: Visual smoothness of polyhedral surfaces 10:00 M. Kerber: Multiparameter persistent homology 10:00 J. Techter: Discrete quadrics and incircular nets
10:30 Break 10:30 Break 10:30 Break
11:00 A. Vaxman: Subdivision Directional Fields 11:00 B. Thomaszewski: Optimization-Driven Design of Rod Networks for Flexible Materials, Mechanisms, and Structures 11:00 I. Izmestiev: Flexible quad-surfaces and elliptic functions
11:30 M. Rabinovich: Smooth Deformations on Discrete Orthogonal Geodesic Nets   11:30 C. Wojtan: Wave Packets on Surfaces
12:15 Lunch 12:15 Lunch 12:15 Lunch
15:00 K. Crane: Intrinsic Geometry Processing 15:00 N. Mitra: Graph Networks for 3D Shape Generation
  15:30 R. Farouki: My first encounter with Helmut Pottmann and associated historical ramblings
16:00 P. Zhang, D. Palmer: Volumetric Octahedral Field Processing 16:00 Break
16:30 Break 16:30 D. Panozzo: Black-Box Finite Element Analysis
17:00 R. Kimmel: Interplay between learning and understanding Geometry  
17:30 E. Rodolà: Recent advances on inverse computational spectral geometry 17:30 M. Pauly, J. Panetta: Computational Design and Fabrication of Deployable 3D Surfaces
18:00 M. Ovsjanikov: Recent progress in non-rigid shape matching  
18:45 Dinner 18:45 Dinner

Wednesday September 4: Excursion (departure 9:00 by bus, return after dinner).
Friday September 6: Departure