Seminar for Doctoral Students - Wintersemester 09/10

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Presentations by PhD students of the doctoral school "Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen" about the thesis' topic.


The sessions will be held on Friday afternoons on the dates mentioned below. Each of them will consist of 2-3 talks of 30 minutes each. Before starting to prepare your presentation you should contact either Prof. Peter Grabner (TUGraz) or Prof. Gundolf Haase (KFU) for further information of how the presentation should be structured.

First Session at the TU Graz (pdf)

    Time: Friday, 23.10.2009, 14:00 ct
    Place: TU Graz, Seminar room C307, Steyrergasse 30/III

  • "Fixed Point Technique for the Existence of the 2D-Signorini Contact Problem with Coulomb Friction"
    Laurent Tchoualag (Math D, TUGraz) under Prof. Olaf Steinbach

  • "Modeling Pulsatility in the Human Cardiovascular System"
    Aurelio de los Reyes V (KFU) under Prof. Franz Kappel

Second Session at the KFU (pdf)

    Time: Friday, 11.12.2009, 14:00 ct
    Place: KFU, Seminar room SR 11.34, Heinrichstraße 36/III

  • "Time Optimal Control"
    Jelena Rubesa (KFU) under Prof. Karl Kunisch

  • "Model Reduction by the POD Method for Parameter Estimation Problems"
    Martin Kahlbacher (KFU) under Prof. Stefan Volkwein

Third Session at the TU Graz (pdf)

    Time: Friday, 22.1.2010, 14:00 ct
    Place: TU Graz, Seminar room C307, Steyrergasse 30/III

  • "Generalized Sensitivity Functions and the IVGTT (Intravenous Glucose Toleration Test)"
    Mohammad Munir (KFU) under Prof. Franz Kappel

  • "The Hardy-Littlewood Method"
    Martin Jancevskis (TUGraz) under Prof. Robert Tichy

  • "Arithmetic of *-ideal Semigroups"
    Andreas Reinhart (KFU) under Prof. Franz Halter-Koch