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The members of the Institute of Geometry at TU Graz are listed below. Please see here for the university's official database record of the Institute of Geometry. The telephone extension is to be added to (+43) 316 873. In the academic year 2014/15, the students P. Bernhard, M. Berr, G. Eberharter, A. Hettegger, S. Krottmaier, M. Menzinger, C. Skutelnik, are members of the institute. Helmut Wresnik is on leave. Professor Hans Vogler passed away on April 23, 2012.

Name web page Extension email address
Carl Wolfgang, Dipl.-Ing. [www] 8446 carl AT tugraz at
Fessler Renate 8449 fessler AT tugraz at
Gfrerrer Anton, ao.Univ.Prof.Dr. [www] 8444 gfrerrer AT tugraz at
Gütl Sabine, (secretary) 8441 sabine.guetl AT tugraz at
Lang Johann, ao.Univ.Prof.Dr. [www] 8443 johann.lang AT tugraz at
Lehner Florian, Dr. [www] 8949 f.lehner AT tugraz at
Mick Sybille, Dr. [www] 8445 mick AT tugraz at
Moosmüller Caroline, M.Sc. [www] 8949 moosmueller AT tugraz at
Röschel Otto, Univ.Prof.Dr. [www] 8442 roeschel AT tugraz at
Wallner Johannes, Univ.Prof.Dr. [www] 8440 j.wallner AT tugraz at

Former members: Mirko Zadravec (2008—2010), Philipp Grohs (2007—2010, ETH Zürich), Christian Müller (2007—2011, TU Wien), Andreas Weinmann (2007—2011, TU München), Brigitte Servatius (visiting professor 2010—2011), Oliver Ebner (2009—2012), Peter Fazekas (2011—2013). Oleg Karpenkov (2008—2013, Univ. Liverpool). Tereza Kouřilová (2012—2014). Toke Bjerge Nørbjerg (visiting Ph.D. student, winter term 2014/15).