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The following links describe in more detail areas of research the Institute of Geometry at TU Graz is involved in. In particular we want to mention the following national and international networks funded by DFG and FWF where we have been taking part:

1. Industrial Geometry FWF Nat. Research Network S92 II2008—2011
2. Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics SFB-Transregio 109 (DFG+FWF)2012—2016
3. Discrete Mathematics FWF Doctoral College W1230 II2010—2019

Individual research areas, either within the framework of a grant of without, are the following:

1. Computational Differential Geometry FWF grant S9209
FWF grant I705
2. Freeform surfaces in architecture FFG
FWF grant S9209
3. Multivariate subdivision processes FWF grant P19780
FWF grant W1230
4. Smoothness of nonlinear subdivision algorithms FWF grant P185752007
5. Maximal Commutative Subgroup Approximation FWF (Lise Meitner) grant M12732011—2013
6. Energies of knots and graphs
7. Kinematics and Robotics
8. Graph Theory FWF grant W12302011—2015