Fall School: Discrete Geometry and Topology

TU Graz, September 28 — October 6, 2016
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Selection of places to eat for lunch

The following list of places is influenced by the personal likes and dislikes of the conference organizers. As to places to eat for dinner, the old town of Graz is full of them.

  1. Ginko***. Grazbachgasse 33 (Distance 0.9 km. CLOSED SUN). Vegetarian and vegan food, Lunch buffet, Pay per weight. [Reviews]
  2. Chang Thai**. Keesgasse 3 (Distance 1.4km. Walk or take tram from Dietrichsteinplatz. CLOSED SUN). Thai. All you can eat buffet, and a la carte. [Reviews]
  3. Brot und Spiele**. Mariahilferstrasse 17 (Distance 2.6km. Take tram Dietrichsteinplatz - Kunsthaus. SUN from 13:00). Burgers. [Reviews]
  4. Eschenlaube**. Glacisstrasse 63 (Distance 0.8 km. Walk. CLOSED SUN). Austrian style food. [Reviews]
  5. Khrua Thai***. Griesplatz 19 (Distance 1.9 km. Walk. CLOSED SUN). Thai, All you can eat buffet, and a la carte. [Reviews]
  6. EAT Asia**. Radetzkystrasse 6 (Distance 1.2 km. Walk or take tram from Dietrichsteinplatz. SUN 11:00-). Chinese (Asian) food. All you can eat buffet. [Reviews]
  7. Pizzata***. Reitschulgasse 20 (Distance 0.7 km. SAT/SUN CLOSED). Italian (Liguria). [Reviews]
  8. Lebensgfyhl*. Münzgrabenstraße 36 (Distance 0.3 km. SAT/SUN CLOSED). Austrian food. Lunch buffet. [Reviews]
  9. Ganesha**. Pestalozzistrasse 6 (Distance 1.5 km. Walk or take tram from Dietrichsteinplatz. SUN 11:30-, MON 17:30-). Indian, All you can eat buffet. [Reviews]
  10. Gallo d'Oro**. Münzgrabenstraße 36 (Distance 0.4 km. SUN 10:00—). Italian food. [Reviews]
  11. North & South**. Stremayrgasse 13-15 (Distance 0.2km. SAT 18:00-, SUN CLOSED). Austrian food. [Reviews]
  12. Sägewerk*. Schlögelgasse 1 (Distance 0.8km. SUN Open). Build your own pizza/salad/toast/burger. [Reviews]
  13. Café Phönix**. Münzgrabenstraße 103 (Distance 0.7km. SAT/SUN CLOSED). Austrian food. [Reviews]
  14. Griechisches Spezialitätenrestaurant Athen**. Schlögelgasse 9 (Distance 0.8km). Greek. [Reviews]
  15. Freigeist***. Klosterwiesgasse 2 (Distance 1.0km. Walk or take tram from Dietrichsteinplatz. SUN CLOSED). Burgers. [Reviews]
  16. Vina**. Grieskai 38 (Distance 1.8 km. Walk. SUN/MO CLOSED). Vietnamese. [Reviews]
  17. Mangolds**. Zinzendorfgasse 30 (Distance 1.6 km. SUN Open). Vegetarian. [Reviews]

Further, there is the canteen at the roof of the Stremayergasse 16 building next door (Monday-Friday).