Best Paper Award

This award is open everybody who is or has been a Ph.D. student in the Doctoral School Mathematics and Scientific Computing. All papers completed while being a student can be submitted. Currently we are giving two awards per year. The submission deadline is mid-October; the precise data is announced via the doctoral school mailing lists.

Recipients of the best paper award

  • Gundelinde Wiegel (2018 award, Advisor W. Woess). For the paper The relation between quenched and annealed Lyapunov exponents in random potential on trees, published in: Stochastic processes and their applications 128 (2018), 1988-2006.
  • Gernot Holler (2018 award, Advisor K. Kunisch). For the paper A Bilevel Approach for Parameter Learning in Inverse Problems (by G. Holler, K. Kunisch, R. C. Barnard), published in: arxiv 1802.01365.
  • Markus Holzmann (2017 award, Advisor J. Behrndt). For the paper On the spectral properties of Dirac operators with electrostatic δ-shell interactions, published in: J. Math. Pur. Appl. 111 (2018), 47-78 (doi:10.1016/j.matpur.2017.07.018).
  • Caroline Moosmüller (2017 award, Advisor J. Wallner). For the paper C^1 analysis of Hermite subdivision schemes on manifolds, published in: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis 54 (2016), 3003-3031.
  • Behzad Azmi (2016 award, Advisor K. Kunisch). For the paper On the stabilizability of the Burgers equation by receding horizon control, published in: SIAM J. Control Optim. 54 (2016), 1378-1405.
  • Wolfgang Carl (2016 award, Advisor J. Wallner). For the paper On semidiscrete constant mean curvature surfaces and their associated families., published in: Monatshefte Mathematik 182 (2017), 537-563 (doi:10.1007/s00605-016-0929-6).
  • Roswitha Rissner (2015 award, Advisor S. Frisch). For the paper Null ideal of a matrix over residue classes of principal ideal domains, published in: Lin. Algebra and its Applications 494, 44-69 (2016). arxiv:15065.02172.
  • Daniel Kraft (2015 award, Advisor W. Ring). For the paper Measure-Theoretic Properties of Level Sets of Distance Functions, published in: J. Geometric Analysis 26/4 (2016), 2777-2796. doi:10.1007/s12220-015-9648-9.
  • Dijana Kreso (2014 award, Advisor R. Tichy). For the paper On factorizations of maps between curves (by D. Kreso, M. Zieve), published in: arxiv 1405.4753.
  • Johannes Cuno (2014 award, Advisor W. Woess). For the paper The Tits alternative for non-spherical triangles of groups (by J. Cuno, J. Lehnert), published in: Trans. Lond. Math. Soc 2 (1), 93-124 (2015). arxiv 1405.3433.
  • Daniel Smertnig (2013 award, Advisor A. Geroldinger). For the paper Sets of lengths in maximal orders in central simple algebras, published in: Journal of Algebra 390, 1-43, (2013).
  • Fabrizio Barroero (2013 award, Advisor R. Tichy). For the paper Counting lattice points and o-minimal structures (by F. Barroero, M. Widmer), published in: Int. Math. Research Notices 2014, 18, pp. 4932-4957.
  • Martin Holler (Winter term award 2012/13, Advisor K. Kunisch). For the paper A Total Variation-based JPEG decompression model (by K. Bredies and M. Holler), published in: SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 5(1):366-393, 2012.
  • Oliver Ebner (Summer term award 2012, Advisor J. Wallner). For the paper Stochastic aspects of nonlinear refinement schemes, published in: SIAM J. Num. Analysis 52, 717-734, (2014).
  • Christopher Frei (Winter Term award 2011/2012, Advisor R. Tichy). For the paper On Rings of Integers Generated by Their Units, published in: Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 44, 167-182, (2012).