Geometry Workshop in Obergurgl 2017

International Workshop in Obergurgl: September 21-26, 2017

This workshop takes place at Universitätszentrum Obergurgl in the Ötztal alps.

Aims and Scope

This meeting is similar to previous workshops Strobl 2007, Admont 2009, Obergurgl 2011, Strobl 2013, and Seggau 2015. Topics of this meeting include, but are not limited to: discrete differential geometry, computational geometry; geometric methods in approximation theory and image processing; geometry processing; manufacturing, fabrication and applications.

Alexander Bobenko (TU Berlin), Helmut Pottmann (TU Wien), Johannes Wallner (TU Graz).
Invited Speakers
Motoko Kotani (Tohoku University)
Gitta Kutyniok (TU Berlin)
Etienne Vouga (Univ. Texas, Austin)

[Link to schedule]

The workshop begins with dinner on Thursday, September 21, 2017, and ends with breakfast on Tuesday, September 26, 2015. The Scientific Program is Friday to Monday, interrupted by an excursion.


We are planning a hike to a nice viewpoint. Click [here] for a webcam video taken October 31, 2016 at 3 p.m.

Confirmed Participants
  • Leonardo Alese (TU Graz)
  • Mirela Ben-Chen (Technion)
  • Alexander Bobenko (TU Berlin)
  • David Bommes (RWTH Aachen)
  • Mario Botsch (Univ. Bielefeld)
  • Albert Chern (TU Berlin)
  • René Corbet (TU Graz)
  • Bailin Deng (Cardiff University)
  • Herbert Edelsbrunner (IST Austria)
  • Danielle Ezuz (Technion)
  • Andreas Fuchs (TU Wien)
  • Konstantinos Gavriil (TU Wien, Evolute)
  • Ruslan Guseinov (ISTA)
  • Felix Günther (TU Berlin)
  • Qixing Huang (Univ. Texas)
  • Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (TU Wien)
  • Tim Hoffmann (TU München)
  • Svenja Hüning (TU Graz)
  • Michael Jimenez (TU Wien)
  • Tom Kelly (University College London)
  • Michael Kerber (TU Graz)
  • Mina Konakovic (EPFL)
  • Motoko Kotani (Tohoku University)
  • Martin Kilian (TU Wien)
  • Leif Kobbelt (RWTH Aachen)
  • Gitta Kutyniok (TU Berlin)
  • Yaron Lipman (Weizmann Institute)
  • Haggai Maron (Weizmann Institute)
  • Niloy Mitra (University College London)
  • Christian Müller (TU Wien)
  • Klara Mundilova (TU Wien)
  • Maks Ovsjanikov (École Polytechnique)
  • Przemyslaw Musialski (TU Wien)
  • Arnur Nigmetov (TU Graz)
  • Katharina Ölsböck (ISTA)
  • Davide Pellis (TU Wien)
  • Konrad Polthier (FU Berlin)
  • Helmut Pottmann (TU Wien)
  • Michael Rabinovich (ETH Zürich)
  • Thilo Rörig (TU Berlin)
  • Alexander Schiftner (Evolute)
  • Hannah Schreiber(TU Graz)
  • Justin Solomon (MIT)
  • Andy Sageman-Furnas (TU Berlin)
  • Ananth Sridhar (TU Berlin)
  • Olga Sorkine-Hornung (ETH Zürich)
  • Boris Springborn (TU Berlin)
  • Gudrun Szewieczek (TU Wien)
  • Amir Vaxman (Utrecht Univ.)
  • Etienne Vouga (Univ. Texas, Austin)
  • Johannes Wallner (TU Graz)
  • Michael Wand (Univ. Mainz)
  • Chris Wojtan (IST Austria)
  • Zi Ye (TU München)
Organization details

Accommodation in Obergurgl is booked by the organizers, guests stay at the conference venue. Ph.D. students are expected to share a room.

Costs. Accommodation including breakfast and dinner costs EUR 66 in a double room and EUR 91 in a single room (per day); lunch is approx. EUR 18. Probably there will be no additional costs. The workshop is supported by TU Wien, the Austrian Science Fund, and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG.


We recommend to fly to Innsbruck on Thursday, September 21, and fly back on the 26th. You probably cannot fly direct, but there are good connections to Frankfurt and Vienna. You could also fly to Munich, which has a train connection to Innsbruck (and onwards to Obergurgl) directly from the airport.

Fastest travel from Innsbruck Airport to Obergurgl (1.5 hours) is via an airport shuttle. It costs about EUR 200 and makes sense if you share. We are happy to help coordinating shuttles. Cheapest travel to Obergurgl from Innsbruck is to take a train to ``Ötztal Bahnhof'' and a bus to Obergurgl (in total 2.5h). The cost is approx. EUR 17. The latest connection from Innsbruck departs at 21:29 at Innsbruck airport (21:48 from Innsbruck main station) and arrives 23:40. The first connection to Innsbruck airport on Tuesday morning arrives approx 10:15 a.m. You can take bus F or a cab for the 5km distance airport—train station. Please see here for train/bus details.

Touristic Information
Wiese Ötztal  

Ötztal draws many tourists, and Obergurgl is part of this. See e.g. the web page of Ötztal tourist information (summer) and Obergurgl tourist information (summer). Good places for walking and mountaineering are Obergurgl itself and nearby Vent. At the end of september the high country season is drawing to an end, but stable weather is common. Obergurgl is also an area of long-time glacier and climate observation. Geomorphological features include active rock glaciers besides many ordinary ones.

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