Multidimensional Continued Fractions

International Workshop in Graz: June 22-26, 2013

The main topics of this meeting are different generalizations of continued fractions and their applications. Among such generalizations are triangular sequences, p-adic continued fractions, Minkowski-Voronoi polyhedra, Klein sails, etc. We are planning to discuss new advances and currently open problems in order to establish interrelations between different theories of multidimensional continued fractions.

This workshop takes place at TU Graz.

Oleg Karpenkov (TU Graz, University of Liverpool).
Local organizer
Tetiana Boiko (TU Graz).
  • Mariya Avdeeva (Khabarovsk IM, Russia)
  • Thomas Garrity (Williams College, USA)
  • Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz, Austria)
  • Oleg German (MSU, Russia)
  • Victor Goryunov (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Andrei Illarionov (Khabarovsk IM, Russia)
  • Mariya Monina (Khabarovsk IM, Russia)
  • Milton Minervino (MU Leoben, Austria)
  • Tomislav Pejković (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Vinko Petričević (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Radhakrishan Nair (University of Liverpool, UK)
  • Sinai Robins (Nanyang TU, Singapore)
  • Mikhail Skopenkov (IITP RAS, Russia)
  • Robert Tichy (TU Graz, Austria)
  • Jörg Thuswaldner (MU Leoben, Austria)
  • Alexei Ustinov (Khabarovsk IM, Russia)
  • Johannes Wallner (TU Graz, Austria)
The workshop begins on Saturday, June 22, and ends on Wednesday, June 26, 2013.
See the detailed schedule of the workshop here.
Local information

Travel information.
Some photos of Graz.

In Graz
The conference will be held at the Institute of Geometry, Graz University of Technology. You can reach the Institute of Geometry (Kopernikusgasse, 24) from the train station Graz Hbf via tram 6 (in direction of St. Peter). Leave the train on the station "Neue Technik". Walking time from Graz Hbf to the Institute of Geometry is around 40 minutes, have a look here.
Contact information
Feel free to ask any question by e-mail: karpenkov at
We are grateful to
Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF), Lise-Meitner Grant M1273
Österreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft