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Winter Term 2022/23, Doctoral School Events
2022-03-25 Doctoral School Seminar (10:00–12:15, Video conference, TU)
Lasse Wulf (TU, advisor B. Klinz): Non-preemptive Tree Packing [show abstract]
Jakob Führer (TU, advisor C. Elsholtz): Filling space with hypercubes of two sizes -- The pythagorean tiling in higher dimensions [show abstract]
New Students (TU): Á. Alonso-Hernández, R. Löscher, F. Russold
Felix Dellinger (TU, advisor J. Wallner): Discrete Isothermic Surfaces [show abstract]
2022-04-29 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:15, Video conference, KFU)
Wolfgang Kern (KFU, advisor M. Holler/K. Bredies): Accelerometry-based classification of circulatory states during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest [show abstract]
New Students (TU): L. Enzi, M. Gobrial, M. Ofner
Manuel Hauke (TU, advisor C. Aistleitner): On the metric theory of approximations by reduced fractions: Quantifying the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture [show abstract]
2022-06-10 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:15, Video conference, KFU)
Spanos Panagiotis (TU, advisor W. Woess): Percolation on Groups

Abstract: In this talk we will give a description of the notion of percolation, we will explain how it is defined on groups and mention some results on recent work on nilpotent groups.

Reymart Salcedo Lagunero (KFU, advisor K. Fellner): Exponential convergence to equilibrium for a lipid hydrolysis model

Abstract: Lipid hydrolysis, also known as lipolysis, is a three-step coordinated process of degrading Triglycerides in a lipid droplet into its fundamental components Glycerol and fatty acids. In this talk, we consider a parabolic system which models this chemical process. We first prove the unique existence of weak global solutions and the equilibrium states. Using entropy method, we show the exponential convergence of the global solutions to the equilibrium states. Finally, we present a finite element numerical approximation of the solution using the Python package FEniCS. This work is in collaboration with T. Apel, V. Kempf, and P. Zilk

Lorenz Frühwirth (KFU, advisor J. Prochno): The probabilistic Hölder inequality

Abstract: Motivated by recent results on the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality, we study the behaviour of the Hölder inequality for random points in Rn as the dimension n of the ambient space tends to infinity. In particular, we establish a central limit theorem and a Berry-Esseen type result.

Hussain Shah (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Approximation of the Transport Equation using Space-Time Finite Element Methods

Abstract: In this talk, I will analyze the space-time finite element method for the transport equation. First I will derive the space-time variational formulation for the model problem, then I will give the proof of the existence and uniqueness of the continuous case of the model problem. For this, I will derive the inf-sup condition which is based on the Babuška–Brezzi theory for the time-dependent problems.