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Arnur Nigmetov

VALID UNTIL 02/2020:
Institute of Geometry, TU Graz
Kopernikusgasse 24
8010 Graz

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Arnur Nigmetov

[1]M. Kerber, D. Morozov, A. Nigmetov. Geometry Helps Compare Persistence Diagrams.
Accepted to ALENEX 2016. Link to software repository: Hera
[2]M. Kerber, A. Nigmetov. Metric Spaces with Expensive Distances.
Submitted to SoCG 2019.
[3]A. Nigmetov, D. Morozov, Merge Tree Computation on AMR Data with Local Excnahges.
SC 2019.
[1]A. Nigmetov. Analysis of Tensor Decomposition for 3D Human Face Modeling. Master's thesis, Saarland University, 2014. Advisor: Stefanie Wuhrer.