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Johannes Wallner
Univ.Prof. Dr.
Email: j.wallner AT tugraz.at

Johannes Wallner

Since January 2007, I am a professor of Geometry at TU Graz. Before that time I was with TU Wien, where I also got my Ph.D. From 10/2009 to 12/2013 I was again affiliated with TU Wien, as a part time professor at the geometric modeling and industrial geometry group.
Research interests
Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics SFB/Transregio (FWF Grant I-705) [active]
Doctoral College Discrete Mathematics FWF grant No. W1230 [active]
Multivariate subdivision processes FWF grant No. P19780  
Smoothness of nonlinear subdivision algorithms  FWF grant No. P18575
Computational Differential Geometry FWF grant No. S9209  
Freeform surfaces in architecture Visual Computing grant (FFG)
Geometries and their Groups
Kinematics and Configuration spaces
Geometric Tolerancing FWF grant No. P15911
Geometric Spline Theory
Geometry of NC Milling FWF grant No. P13938
Modeling of Developable Surfaces FWF grant No. P12252
Computational Line Geometry. FWF grant No. P13648
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