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Michael Kerber
Univ.-Prof. Dr.
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Michael Kerber

I am professor at Graz University of Technology at the Institute of Geometry since 2015. Before that, I had postdoc positions at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken, Stanford University, and the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. I graduated in 2009 at Max Planck Institute for Informatics under the supervision of Kurt Mehlhorn and Michael Sagraloff.
Research interests
My research focuses on the design, analysis and implementation of efficient algorithms in algebraic topology, computational geometry, real algebraic geometry, and symbolic computation, with the goal to bridge the gap between mathematical theory and application areas. My current emphasis lies on the theory of persistent homology and its applications in the analysis of scientific data.
Selected Publications
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PhD Students
I had/have the privilege to be co-supervised by the following people in their PhD project (pardon the categorical joke):
  • PHAT is collection of efficient implementations of persistent homology
  • DIPHA is another package for the efficient computation of persistent homology on distributed systems
  • HERA is an efficient implementation for computing bottleneck and Wasserstein distances of persistence diagrams.
  • SOPHIA is an efficient implementations for computing persistence diagrams of simplicial complexes connected by simplicial maps.
  • mpfree computes the minimal presentation of a free implicit representation.
  • Also check out the CGAL webpage, especially the algebraic kernel package
Article (in German) about our research group (from 2020).
see here