Polyhedral Surfaces and Industrial Applications

Workshop in Strobl: September 15-18, 2007   -   Preliminary Schedule
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meal times at BIfEB: 07:30-08:30 Breakfast, 12:15 Lunch, 18:30 Dinner
Sep 14: Friday
Registration (check in until 19:15 and 20:00-23:00)
Sep 15: Saturday Morning Session: Approximation Problems
08:30 Opening
08:35 Wenping Wang On Free-form Mesh Surfaces with Planar Hexagonal Faces
09:30 Matthias Nieser QuadCover - Surface Parameterization using Branched Coverings [paper]
10:15 Coffee break  
10:45 Pierre Alliez Variational Shape Reconstruction
11:20 Alex Schiftner Planar quad meshes from relative principal curvature lines
Sep 15: Saturday Afternoon Session: Geometry Processing
14:30Coffee Break
14:45 Niloy Mitra Symmetry Detection and Symmetrization
15:20 Mark Pauly Non-linear space deformations [paper] [movie]
15:55 Klaus Hildebrandt Constraint-Based Geometric Fairing [paper]
16:00 Coffee break 
17:00 Ligang Liu Dual Laplacian Editing and Morphing for Triangular Meshes
17:55 Jochen Abhau Combinatorial methods for topology adaptations in deformable models
Sep 16: Sunday Morning: `developable' Session
08:45 Joseph O'Rourke Unfolding Polyhedral Surfaces
09:55 Ivan Izmestiev Gluing a convex polytope from a development: a constructive proof of Alexandrov's theorem.
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Alla Sheffer Developable Surfaces: Approximate and Direct Modeling
Sep 16: Sunday Afternoon Session: Architecture and Engineering
14:45Coffee Break
15:00 Florian Gauss Arup Advanced Geometry Unit - Generative Geometries and Structures
15:40 Rene Ziegler The construction of freeform surfaces with steel and glass
16:30 Coffee break 
17:00 Johannes Wallner Meshes with offset properties
Sep 17: Excursion
09:00 Departure [Gosausee] [Participants] [Swimming] [Hallstatt]
Sep 18: Tuesday Morning Session: Discrete Differential Geometry
08:30 Alexander Bobenko Curvature theory based on parallel meshes
09:05 Yuri Suris Koenigs nets and dualizable discrete surfaces
10:00 Coffee break 
10:30 Peter Schröder Conformal Structures on Surfaces
11:25 Christian Müller Hexagonal meshes as minimal surfaces
Sep 18: Tuesday Afternoon Session: Geometry
14:45Coffee Break
15:00 Jürgen Richter-Gebert Computers and Geometry - Challenges, Problems and Solutions
15:55 Philipp Grohs Laguerre minimal surfaces and isotropic geometry
16:30 Coffee break 
17:00 Ulrich Reif Sobolev Orthogonality of Hat Functions in R^d
17:55 Tim Hoffmann Discrete Bertrand Curves
Sep 19: Wednesday
-09:30check out