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Summer Term 2011, Doctoral School Events
2011-07-01 Doctoral School Seminar (HS 11.02, Inst. Mathematik, Heinrichstr. 36, 14:45-17:15, KFU)
Lorenz John (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Optimal Dirichlet boundary control for the Navier-Stokes equations [show abstract]
Christoph Gruber (KFU, advisor B. Thaller): The Modelling Week - Research on educational aspects and professional perspectives [show abstract]
Jonathan Rohleder (TU, advisor J. Behrndt): Inverse problems of Calderón type [show abstract]
Aurel-Vasile Neic (KFU, advisor G. Haase): A Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Solver in Biomedical Applicatons [show abstract]
2011-06-17 Doctoral School Seminar (Seminarraum 2, Inst. Geometrie, Kopernikusg. 24, 12:00 — 13:00 and 13:30—14:30, TU)
Samar Vafai (KFU, advisor G. Haase): GPU-Accelerated BEM-Matrix Computations [show abstract]
Thi T. Luong (TU, advisor P. Berglez): Representation for pseudo-analytic functions in complex and bi-complex analysis [show abstract]
Jeroci Bacani (KFU, advisor G. Peichl): Shape Optimization Approaches for Bernoulli's Free Boundary Problems [show abstract]
Serbiniyaz Anyyeva (KFU, advisor K. Kunisch): Semismoth Newton method for variational inequalities with gradient constraint [show abstract]
2011-05-27 Doctoral School Seminar (HS 11.02, Inst. Mathematik, Heinrichstr. 36, 14:30-17:00, KFU)
Doris Fürtinger (KFU, advisor F. Kappel): A model for erythropoiesis: Modeling approach and numerical results [show abstract]
Stefan Reiterer (KFU, advisor K. Kunisch): Optimal control of the Wave Equation with trigonometric matrix functions [show abstract]
Patrick-Michel Frühmann (KFU, advisor B. Thaller): The importance of proofs [show abstract]
Markus Hofer (TU, advisor R. Tichy): Pricing and Hedging of Lookback options in exponential Levy market models [show abstract]
2011-03-25 Doctoral School Seminar (Seminarraum 2, Inst. Geometrie, Kopernikusg. 24, 12:00 — 13:00 and 13:30—14:30, TU)
Muhammad M. Butt (KFU, advisor A. Borzi): A full multigrid solution of constrained Cauchy-Riemann optimal control problems [show abstract]
Christopher Frei (TU, advisor R. Tichy): Sums of units in number fields and function fields [show abstract]
Christoph Temmel (TU, advisor W. Woess): The Lovasz Local Lemma [show abstract]
Stefan Fürtinger (KFU, advisor S. Keeling): Elastic Registration of Edge Sets by Means of Diffuse Surfaces with an Application to Embedding Purkinje Fiber Networks [show abstract]