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Summer Term 2016, Doctoral School Events
2016-03-18 Doctoral School Seminar (Inst. Mathematik, Heinrichstr. 36, Raum 11.32, 13:15-15:45, KFU)
Niclas Technau (TU, advisor R. Tichy): On the regularity of primes in arithmetic progressions [show abstract]
Anna Zubkova (KFU, advisor V. Kovtunenko): Homogenization of the generalized Poisson-Nernst-Planck system with nonlinear interface conditions [show abstract]
Caroline Moosmüller (TU, advisor J. Wallner): Hermite subdivision on manifolds [show abstract]
2015-04-22 Doctoral School Seminar (Seminarraum 2 des Instituts für Geometrie, Kopernikusgasse 24, 10:30—11:30, TU)
Sebastian Engel (KFU, advisor K. Kunisch): Optimal Control of the Wave Equation with BV-Functions [show abstract]
Markus Holzmann (TU, advisor J. Behrndt): The mathematical model for 2D photonic crystal [show abstract]
2015-05-20 Doctoral School Seminar (Seminarraum 2 des Instituts für Geometrie, Kopernikusgasse 24, 10:30—13:00, TU)
Marco Zank (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Time-Space Boundary Element Methods for the Wave Equation [show abstract]
Kwok Chi Chim (TU, advisor R. Tichy): On a variant of Pillai's problem [show abstract]
Michael Kniely (KFU, advisor K. Fellner): The Entropy Method for a Reaction-Diffusion System Modelling Band-Trapped States [show abstract]
Victoria Paguio (KFU, advisor F. Kappel): Dynamics of fluid status of patients on hemodialysis [show abstract]