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Summer Term 2021, Doctoral School Events
2021-03-19 Doctoral School Seminar (10:00–12:00, Video conference, TU)
Michael Missethan (TU, advisor M. Kang): Maximum degree in random planar graphs [show abstract]
Daniel Windisch (TU, advisor S. Frisch): Prime ideals in infinite products of commutative rings [show abstract]
New Students (TU+KFU): F. Dellinger, S. Pojer, A. Habring
Benjamin Klahn (TU, advisor C. Elsholtz): A Divisor Problem for Polynomials [show abstract]
2021-04-23 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:30, Video conference, KFU)
Christian Lindorfer (TU, advisor W. Woess): Word problems for groups [show abstract]
Panagiotis Spanos (TU, advisor W. Woess): Random walks and the Dirichlet problem at infinity [show abstract]
New Students (TU+KFU): D. Yang, W. Kern, M. Hauke
Aqsa Bashir (KFU, advisor A. Geroldinger): Stable Domains and their Arithmetic [show abstract]
2021-05-21 Doctoral School Seminar (10:00–12:00, Video Conference, TU)
Julian Zalla (TU, advisor M. Kang): Loose cores and cycles in random hypergraphs [show abstract]
Raphael Watschinger (TU, advisor G. Of): An integration by parts formula for the hypersingular boundary integral operator of the heat equation [show abstract]
New Students (TU+KFU): A. Cesarano, B. Eren Gökmen, E. Chenchene
Richard Huber (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): Evolution of Critical Trajectories [show abstract]
2021-06-18 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:30, Video conference, KFU)
Josef Strini (TU, advisor S. Thonhauser): A time-inconsistent stochastic optimal control problem from risk theory [show abstract]
Huan Chen (KFU, advisor G. Haase): Reinforcement learning based controller for hybrid electric vehicles [show abstract]
Martin Schwinzerl (KFU, advisor G. Haase): Optimising The Numerical Performance and Scalability Of Beam Field Elements In Beam Dynamics Simulations [show abstract]
Thomas Hirschler (TU, advisor W. Woess): Comparing Entropy Rates on Finite and Infinite Rooted Trees [show abstract]