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Winter Term 2020/21, Doctoral School Events
2020-12-11 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:30, Video conference)
Lasse Wulf (TU, advisor B. Klinz): Recoverable Robust Representatives Selection Problems with Discrete Budgeted Uncertainty [show abstract]
Tuan Anh Do (TU, advisor M. Kang): Genus of random bipartite graphs [show abstract]
Jana Fuchsberger (KFU, advisor G. Haase): Exploring Low Permeability Behavior of a Darcy Penalization Model for the Incorporation of Obstacles in Fluid Flow [show abstract]
Doris Schadler (TU, advisor E. Stadlober): A data selection criterion to improve the performance of a model-based fault detection method [show abstract]
2021-01-15 Doctoral School Seminar (10:00–11:45, Video Conference)
Richard Huber (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): Coupled Regularization with Multiple Data Discrepancies [show abstract]
Verena Horak (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): An end-to-end low complexity Machine Learning Approach for Electrical Impedance Tomography [show abstract]
Gabriel Lipnik (TU, advisor C. Elsholtz): Constructions of Large Caps and Progression-Free Sets [show abstract]
2021-01-29 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:30, Video conference)
Huan Chen (KFU, advisor G. Haase): Reinforcement learning based controller for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. [show abstract]
Karli Gilette (KFU, advisor G. Haase): Digital Twinning of Cardiac Electrophysiology using Non-invasive Clinical Measurements [show abstract]
Bianca Dornelas (TU, advisor M. Kerber): Collapses of higher order Delaunay complexes [show abstract]