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Summer Term 2023, Doctoral School Events
2023-03-31 Doctoral School Seminar (10:30–13:00, TU, Kopernikusg. 24)
Daodao Yang (TU, advisor R. Tichy): Extreme values of Dirichlet polynomials with multiplicative coefficients [show abstract]
Lea Enzi (TU, advisor S. Thonhauser): Numerical computation of risk functionals [show abstract]
Bianca Dornelas (TU, advisor M. Kerber): Sparse higher order Čech complexes exist [show abstract]
2022-04-21 Doctoral School Seminar (DATE HAS CHANGED) (15:00–17:30, KFU, Heinrichstr. 30)
Rodolfo Assereto (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): A Multiscale-Proximal Algorithm for Total-Variation Denoising [show abstract]
New Students (TU): P. Tabatabai, M. Henry
Enis Chenchene (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): A hybrid proximal generalized conditional gradient method and application to total variation parameter learning [show abstract]
2023-05-26 Doctoral School Seminar (10:45–13:00, TU, Kopernikusg. 24)
Dominik Schmid (TU, advisor M. Kang): Catching a robber on a random hypergraph [show abstract]
Maximilian Ofner (TU, advisor S. Hörmann): Using factor models to reconstruct partially observed functional data [show abstract]
Dominik Lang (KFU, advisor G. Leobacher): Optimal Staking of Proof-of-Stake Crypto Assets [show abstract]