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Winter Term 2012/2013, Doctoral School Events
2012-11-09 Doctoral School Seminar (Seminarraum 2, Institut f. Geometrie, Kopernikusgasse 24, 10:30—13:00, TU)
Thi Tuyet Luong (TU, advisor P. Beglez): On a class of pseudo-analytic functions: representations, generalizations and applications [show abstract]
Michael Juhos (KFU, advisor R. Perko): Contributions to a mathematically stringent stochastics course in High School (AHS-Oberstufe) [show abstract]
Gilbert Peralta (KFU, advisor G. Propst): Smooth Global Solution to a 2 × 2 Hyperbolic System on a Bounded Interval with Damping [show abstract]
2012-11-30 Doctoral School Seminar (KFU, cancelled)
2012-12-14 Doctoral School Seminar (Seminarraum 2, Institut f. Geometrie, Kopernikusgasse 24, 10:30—13:00, TU)
Peter Scheibelhofer (TU, advisor E. Stadlober): Improvements on Prediction Accuracy and Reliability of a Predictive Maintenance Model for Semiconductor Fabrication [show abstract]
Johannes Cuno (TU, advisor W. Woess): Random Walks on Baumslag-Solitar Groups: The Driftless Case [show abstract]
Martin Piffl (TU, advisor E. Stadlober): The Rectangle Design - A mixture between stochastic and deterministic space filling design [show abstract]
Nina Schmuck (TU, advisor C. Heuberger): The minimum number of subtrees of trees [show abstract]
2013-01-25 Doctoral School Seminar ( Inst. Mathematik, Heinrichstr. 36, HS 11.02. 15:00—17:30, KFU)
Christoph Gruber (KFU, advisor B. Thaller): The Modelling Week – Research on educational aspects and professional perspectives [show abstract]
Karl-Heinz Graß (KFU, advisor B. Thaller): On the Influence of Spatial Abilities on Basic Number Processing and Arithmetic [show abstract]
Thomas Mendlik (TU, advisor E. Stadlober): Selecting representative climate simulations for impact studies [show abstract]
Florian Lehner (TU, advisor J. Wallner): Distinguishing graphs with intermediate growth [show abstract]