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Summer Term 2020, Doctoral School Events
2020-04-03 CANCELLED Doctoral School Seminar (Inst. Mathematik, HS 11.02, Heinrichstr. 36, 15:00–17:00, KFU)
2020-05-08 Doctoral School Seminar (Video conference, 9:30–11:30, TU)
Fatima Jammoul (TU, advisor S. Hörmann): Preprocessing functional data by a factor model approach [show abstract]
Verena Horak (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): On a Machine Learning Attempt for EIT [show abstract]
Abraham Gutierrez (TU, advisor D. D'Angeli): Quality analysis in acyclic production networks [show abstract]
Michael Missethan (TU, advisor M. Kang): Longest and shortest cycles in random planar graphs [show abstract]
2020-06-05 Doctoral School Seminar (video conference, 13:30–15:30, KFU)
Stefan Kremsner (KFU, advisor G. Leobacher): Solving Elliptic PDEs with BSDEs and Neural Networks [show abstract]
Victor Fadinger (KFU, advisor A. Geroldinger): The monoid of product one sequences over arbitrary groups [show abstract]
Douglas Pacheco (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Using the Navier-Stokes equations to compute pressure from measured velocities [show abstract]
Richard Huber (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): L2 convergence of pixel-driven projection methods [show abstract]