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Winter Term 2022/23, Doctoral School Events
2022-10-21 Doctoral School Seminar (10:30–13:00, TU, Seminarraum 2 Geometrie)
Stefan Hammer (TU, advisor W. Woess): Relations of Wiener Index and (Revised) Szeged Index on Cacti [show abstract]
Mario Gobrial (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): A Space-Time Finite Element Method in Moving Domains [show abstract]
Enis Chenchene (KFU, advisor K. Bredies): Graph and distributed extensions of the Douglas-Rachford method with applications [show abstract]
Rosna Paul (TU, advisor O. Aichholzer): Compatible Spanning Trees in Simple Drawings [show abstract]
2022-11-18 Doctoral School Seminar (10:30–13:00, TU, Seminarraum 2 Geometrie)
Hussain Shah (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Existence and Uniqueness of the Solution of the Transport Equation [show abstract]
Gabriel Lipnik (TU, advisor C. Elsholtz): A Central Limit Theorem for Integer Partitions into Small Powers [show abstract]
Best Paper Award. New Students (TU/KFU): D. Strenger, J. Orthaber, B. Rago, M. Pompili, T. Schrotter
Simon Pojer (TU, advisor S. Thonhauser): Asymptotic behaviour of ruin probabilities driven by a Markovian Hawkes process [show abstract]
2022-12-16 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–15:45, KFU, Seminarraum 11.32)
Alexandra Weinberger (TU, advisor O. Aichholzer): Simple drawings beyond the complete graph: Transformation and more [show abstract]
Manuel Hauke (TU, advisor C. Aistleitner): The asymptotic behaviour of Sudler products [show abstract]
Georg Stenzel (TU, advisor J. Behrndt): Schrödinger operators with a new type of singular interaction [show abstract]
2023-01-27 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:30, KFU)
Richard Löscher (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Space-time adaptive simulation of the wave equation [show abstract]
New Students (TU/KFU): N. Ayhan, A. Shtengel
Christian Stelzer (TU, advisor J. Behrndt): Approximation of Dirac operators with singular potentials [show abstract]