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Summer Term 2022, Doctoral School Events
2022-03-25 Doctoral School Seminar (10:00–12:15, Video conference, TU)
Lasse Wulf (TU, advisor B. Klinz): Non-preemptive Tree Packing [show abstract]
Jakob Führer (TU, advisor C. Elsholtz): Filling space with hypercubes of two sizes -- The pythagorean tiling in higher dimensions [show abstract]
New Students (TU): Á. Alonso-Hernández, R. Löscher, F. Russold
Felix Dellinger (TU, advisor J. Wallner): Discrete Isothermic Surfaces [show abstract]
2022-04-29 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:15, Video conference, KFU)
Wolfgang Kern (KFU, advisor M. Holler/K. Bredies): Accelerometry-based classification of circulatory states during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest [show abstract]
New Students (TU): L. Enzi, M. Gobrial, M. Ofner
Manuel Hauke (TU, advisor C. Aistleitner): On the metric theory of approximations by reduced fractions: Quantifying the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture [show abstract]
2022-06-10 Doctoral School Seminar (14:00–16:15, Video conference, KFU)
Spanos Panagiotis (TU, advisor W. Woess): Percolation on Groups [show abstract]
Reymart Salcedo Lagunero (KFU, advisor K. Fellner): Exponential convergence to equilibrium for a lipid hydrolysis model [show abstract]
Lorenz Frühwirth (KFU, advisor J. Prochno): The probabilistic Hölder inequality [show abstract]
Hussain Shah (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Approximation of the Transport Equation using Space-Time Finite Element Methods [show abstract]