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Winter Term 2017/18, Doctoral School Events
2017-11-17 Doctoral School Seminar (Inst. Mathematik, Heinrichstr. 36, SR 11.33, 14:00—16:30, KFU)
K. Gilette (KFU, advisor G. Plank): Patient-specific Parameterization of Models of Cardiac Electrophysiology  [show abstract]
M. Mosshammer (TU, advisor M. Kang): Enumerating cubic graphs on orientable surfaces [show abstract]
M. Preischl (TU, advisor R. Tichy): Quasi Monte Carlo methods for PDMP-type risk models [show abstract]
2017-01-19 Doctoral School Seminar (Seminarraum 2 des Instituts für Geometrie, Kopernikusgasse 24, 10:30—13:00, TU)
T. Lachmann (TU, advisor C. Aistleitner): Efficient Algorithms for Selection with Intersection Constraints [show abstract]
L. Marx (KFU, advisor G. Plank): Automated personalization of whole heart computer models of human electro-mechanics based on clinical data [show abstract]
S. Dohr (TU, advisor O. Steinbach): Space-time boundary element methods for the heat equation [show abstract]
S. Nakato (TU, advisor S. Frisch): Non-unique factorizations in rings of integer-valued polynomials on certain Dedekind domains

Abstract: The ring of integer-valued polynomials on a domain D, denoted Int(D), is in general not a unique factorization domain. In this talk, we discuss non-unique factorizations in Int(D) where D is a Dedekind domain whose maximal ideals are all of finite index, and such that D has infinitely many maximal ideals, but at most finitely many for each individual index.
We present two main results. First, for any finite multiset N of natural numbers greater than 1, there exists a polynomial in Int(D) which has exactly |N| essentially different factorizations of the prescribed lengths. In particular, this implies that every finite non-empty set N of natural numbers greater than 1 occurs as a set of lengths of some polynomial in Int(D). Second, we show that the multiplicative monoid of Int(D) is not a transfer Krull monoid. [hide abstract]